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The Art Of Social Media

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

The truth behind many social media accounts, big or small…

They are NOT in real time!

Many people struggle to have a healthy relationship with social media.

I think it’s vital to understand that the vast majority of successful influencers have saved images & photos they’ve collected on adventures over time. In between living a normal life, they create art to be shared.

Very few are actually on high-flying adventures 24/7. Don’t we all wish?

Instagram, the only social media I regularly use and to which I’m referring specifically, is a place to share that art. Some people care much more about the quality of that art than others.

Some people put immense thought and effort into each photograph, caption, and post. Some don’t.

Neither approach is right or wrong.

I can easily spend hours snapping photos while we hike. It’s fun for me! I setup my tripod, I adjust settings on my camera and I try to capture the proper lighting. We take tons of photos to *hopefully* ensure one turns out… That’s my process. I am able to balance that with being present while we hike and it works for me. If you ask someone else, their process would look entirely different!

There’s no right or wrong way to “social media” – given it’s a healthy and balanced relationship for you as an individual.

I find it hard not to call it insanity when people snap quick & blurry phone shots, post them, then proceed to get upset comparing their whole lives to someone who perhaps spent incredible time, money & care on their photos.

It makes no sense. Art in any form can’t be compared. Not on social media or anywhere else!

Our lives are a work of art, totally our own & unique.

Let’s stop the comparison game.

It does none of us any good. Realize that the posts we see on social media are art. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you’re unsure where to start, this is what I did to make social media work for me (instagram specifically).

I unfollowed any and every account that didn’t actively inspire me every time it appeared on my feed.

Honestly, this included and includes people I know. This isn’t an insult. It’s called protecting your space and it is always okay.

I then added specific accounts that I knew would inspire me and help me grow as a human.

I started following every legitimate NatGeo account I could find, which in turn inspired me to follow their photographers (the most underrated badasses of all time, photographers).

I started following empowering women who travel, strong women in the fitness space, and people whom I genuinely look up to.

I also made sure to have as much diversity in my feed as possible given I choose to mostly follow females.

I follow ladies from all walks of life! So now when I get online I see women killing it at every size, shape, personality, with every skin tone and in all parts of the world. I LOVE IT.

Inevitably it didn’t take long for my tiny little account to become one of the greatest sources of inspiration in my life. I love checking social media, because I see photos and stories that never cease to inspire me. This is how it should be for everyone.

Take control of your account. Don’t ever feel bad for unfollowing anyone. Protect your space.

Make social media work for you!

Be bold. Be inspired. Be you.

With love, Kara

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