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A Deliciously Colorful Food Trend That Changed my Life

We’ve all seen ‘em. Their beautiful colors radiating through our Instagram feeds.

We see them on a hot day and our mouths water longingly. Packed full of nutrients and refreshing beyond all reason…

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce to you the…

Smoothie Bowl (queue angelic choir).

They’re as beautiful as they are nutritious. As easy to make as they are filling. And boy, do they give you ENERGY (my personal fave)!

They come in all flavors, colors and even textures: smooth and creamy, slushy-like with ice, fluffy when using certain protein powders…

Appropriate for any time of day, you can eat them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner – although as a dinner option I must say you’ve been fairly warned about the energizing aspect of these bowls!

They are totally customizable for picky eaters and can be topped with any “yummies” of your choosing.

Common toppings are: granola, unsweetened coconut flakes, chia seeds, sliced banana, fresh fruit, berries, or nuts.

We enjoy them daily in my household. In fact, it’s probably my favorite meal of the day!

Here are Two of my Favorite Smoothie Bowl Recipes:

Understand when it comes to smoothie bowls there is no wrong way! I don’t measure anything, they taste a little different every time, but what I have found is that simple is usually better. I try to stick to one or two berries plus a banana and powders. We all have different taste preferences, so play around and see what works for you! These are just some ideas to get you started.

What you Need:

1. Blender – for the first time in my life I have a good quality blender. It does make a difference, especially when it comes to ease of use. For years, however, I worked with a used hand-me-down blender and it totally did the job!

2. Any Frozen Fruit (& veggie if you wish): berries, banana, mango, pitaya (dragonfruit), acai, pineapple, avocado, kale, spinach, etc…

3. Any Liquid: water, milk, nut milks or rice milk. My favorite in the whole world is Bai Water (not sponsored). It tastes amazing, has a tiny bit of caffeine for a pick-me-up, has electrolytes, and there are a bazillion flavors to choose from! It will bring your smoothie to the next level, I guarantee.

4. Powders: this is entirely preferential. You can add a whole lot of powders (I do!), or none at all. If you don’t add any I strongly suggesting tossing an avocado, coconut butter, nut butter, or some other protein source into your smoothie! I’ve used protein powders, and various other powders (maca, collagen, etc) for years and in my experience smoothies keep me much fuller for longer when I add them. There will be a whole post on powders in the future.

5. Ice (not a necessity): if you prefer a smoothie that’s more slushy like – I often do –  just add a handful of ice! Blend a little bit longer on a higher setting and it will still be smooth in texture.

6. Toppings (when your smoothie bowl is made): literally anything you want. Some ideas are granola, coconut flakes, chia seeds, sliced banana, fresh berries, or any kind of nut.

Strawberry + Banana Bowl Ingredients: 1. 1 whole banana 2. large handful of frozen strawberries 3. small handful of ice 4. 1/2 a bottle of Bai Water (any flavor) OR about 1/2 cup liquid of your choosing 5. protein source – protein powder, avocado, nut butter

That’s really all you need. The rest are extras and what I personally enjoy. If you have any of these things, or want to order and try them, go for it!

Optional Add-Ins: 6. 1/2 scoop Vega Protein and Greens 7. 1 scoop Thrive Lifestyle Mix Powder (protein powder) 8. 1 tsp-ish Maca Powder 9. 1 scoop Vital Proteins strawberry lemonade Beauty Collagen

Directions: 1. add liquid to blender 2. add frozen fruit + banana 3. add protein source 4. add powders 5. blend on low for 30 seconds, pause and stir if needed, or mash if you have a Vitamix. Continue blending while slowly increasing speed of the blender until smoothie reaches the consistency you desire! 6. Pour into bowl (or drinkable cup) and add toppings of your choosing. 7. ENJOY!

Tropical: Mango + Pineapple + Avocado Bowl (this one will be green in color!)

Ingredients: 1. 1/2 banana 2. small handful frozen mango – about 1/3 cup 3. small handful frozen pineapple – about 1/3 cup 4. 1 small avocado OR 1/2 large avocado 5. liquid – amount is up to you! Less liquid means a thicker smoothie.

Optional Add-Ins: 1. 2 scoops (it’s a small scooper) vanilla Muscle Milk Powder 2. 1 tsp Maca Powder 3. 1 scoop Vital Proteins strawberry lemonade Beauty Collagen

Directions: Same as above!

Now sit down, relax and enjoy your refreshing bowl of deliciousness.

Be bold. Be inspired. Be you.

With love, Kara

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